With Change Comes Growth, or With Growth Comes Change?

by withchangecomesgrowth

A while back I was holding my snake and I noticed that she was about to shed. Her belly was pink, her (usually gorgeous) eyes were cloudy, and her whole body had an ugly grayish tint to it. I like my snake the least right before she molts, because her beautiful colors are masked by the unsightly outer layer. I had mixed feelings about it, I don’t like the way she looks (or feels) right before she sheds, but I knew how pretty she gets after she’s done. Her colors are always brighter, her eyes turn incredibly green, and her body regains that lovely carmel tint.
snakes shed when they outgrow their old skin. As I pondered the process of molting, I realized that it is much like people. You see, just before God does something amazing in some body’s life there are obstacles.
Think about it, right before you have a revelation God tests you (or the devil tries to hold you back). My point is just that right before something good happens in life, everything seems pretty bad. After having a breakthrough we let our true colors shine. When we grow in Christ, that’s our way of shedding the old skin. As we draw nearer to God our walls are broken down and our inner beauty is exposed.

just think about it……