Encouragement (April 20, 2011.)

by withchangecomesgrowth

When I decided to stop living off yesterday’s miracles I asked God to give me new ones to be encouraged by. In the last two weeks I’ve seen/learned-of LOTS of cool things God is doing. Here’s a few: 1 guy who woke up right before he was declared dead, 1 marriage was restored and pulled off the brink of divorce, 1 man who was paralyzed got prayed for and was up and moving the NEXT day, 1 family transformed by God’s grace (started with their ELEVEN year old daughter,) 1 man decided to face his past and forgive his father after YEARS of abuse, 1 boy with wisdom beyond his years that made choices that I didn’t even have the faith to make, 1 little girl so hungry for God that she walked with me throughout the neighborhood last night telling me about the things she’s learning at church THEN ended up sitting on the curb with me and praying on the side of the road (same eleven year old girl,) another neat thing I learned is that over half my psychology group serves the same God, and I’m being stopped in the halls at school because people are overhearing conversations about God and getting curious. Dang. Get it, satan…