Healing Power. (November 2010)

by withchangecomesgrowth

 I went on a retreat with my youth group a while back and I got a chance to see God to do some (more) amazing things.

Here’s just two of the MANY miracles I was able to witness/be a part of:

1) I went to camp feeling sick, and I had been in and out of the doctor’s office and hospital all year with colds. I’d been dealing with chronic infection, and all sorts of health problems. When I arrived I was not pleased to find out that many of the girls in my dorm were fighting off colds. Every time I walked through the bathrooms there was sniffling and coughing. One girl told me “Yeah everyone in my youth group is sick!”

On Saturday night the preacher made an alter call for people who needed prayer. He spoke about people with hearing problems, depression, homosexuality, and many other things. As I stood at the altar he told everyone to hold hands. As he moved across the steps touching people and praying, God’s power came down and began to heal! I saw teenage guys dropping like flies. When his hand brushed across my forehead, I lost feeling in most of my body. The only thing I felt was a hand on the back of my neck and back as a woman caught my body and lowered me to the ground. I was filled with a floating feeling and closed my eyes and was filled with Gods peace. I’d never been so relaxed in my life. When I went home my sickness was GONE. Every health problem I’d been struggling with had completely disappeared! Praise God!

2) After I got healed that Saturday night I’d found a seat in the front row and was just resting in God’s presence and watching Him do miracles in front of my eyes (Opening deaf ears, healing emotional wounds, and all sorts of stuff.) As I sat there I recognized a girl from my dorm. She was worshipping God with her hands held high and He gave me a word for her. As she was about to make her way back to her seat after the altar call, I grabbed her arm and lowered her into my seat. I told her that God said she would be rewarded for her faithfulness, and that she would see Him bless her life in many ways. She smiled and began to cry and laugh. As I continued to pray for her, she lowered her head and just started sobbing in awe of God. My hand slid from her head down to her neck and I felt her muscle creak under my palm. God told me to pray for her neck. I argued back saying it would be awkward,what if she didn’t have neck problems? It would be so embarrassing! He pretty much scolded me for lack of faith and told me to pray for her. That time I did. (quietly) When I was done praying, He said “Now tell her she’s healed!” (Man, He was NOT about to let me off easy.)

So I brushed her hair out of her face and put my hand under her chin. She looked back at me questioningly. I told her that she was healed and said “Have you been having pain in your neck and back?” she nodded and smiled. Then she hugged me and slipped away into the crowd.

The next morning she ambushed me in the dorm saying: “Faith! My pain is gone! I’ve always been sore and asking my friends ‘massage my neck; rub my shoulders…’ But now it doesn’t hurt!” I later found out that she was so shocked the night before that she couldn’t find words to thank me.

What a blessing it is to be used by God!