Heartbreak to Glory

by withchangecomesgrowth

A poem dedicated to some people I know. All this stuff is based off of true stories.  I know it doesn’t flow well, but I felt like all of it should be included. Not my best work, but it’s real and that’s all I’ve ever promised. Also I apologize if this one’s a little rough around the edges, but I just couldn’t sugar coat it. I owe them that much…

Heartbreak to Glory

So what happens,

When the gun hits the pavement and the drunk man runs,

And you see your little brother is covered in blood?

At only twenty three his life is done.

You see his dreams fade away, one by one

But this stuff is normal when you live in the hood

You stand around waiting for things to turn good

Sirens in the distance, screams pierce the air

You’re constantly running but never getting anywhere

You lay in bed at night begging for peace

But these tormenting thoughts only seem to increase

So where do you turn when you have nothing left,

When you’re trapped in your head, simply trying to forget?

You want to escape the agony

So you break out the ecstasy

Drifting into a world of fantasy

You move through these moments so carelessly

And for a breath these dreams put you at ease

But then you wake up and see it was all just a ruse

Your world is driven by revenge, hatred, and jealousy

But look at the hands you have pierced

He’s the one really paying the penalty

You think you’re leaving a legacy but honestly

To me, you just look like a lost child

Crying out helplessly.

Blood sweat and tears, only for what?

Now you’re life’s fallin apart, and you’re gettin locked up

Baby sister just got knocked up

She wears a cloak of shame

She bears teen pregnancy

All these problems for movin that weed?

What an example you’ve set

Now they follow in your footsteps

You’ve got the ball rolling

And now there’s no stopping

When things go bad you come crying to me

But you chose this life; you’re children of the streets

When you “Go hard,”

Pain is your only guarantee

Girl, what’s it feel like

When your man’s got an affair with a bottle of Jack

And a girl named Mary Jane?

Yeah he’s counting his stack

-Dirty money, made off a bag of cocaine

When you look back at your life what do you see?

Were these horrors the contents of your childhood dreams?

Well stop blaming, and step up; this is what you chose to be

Shake it off, and move on; your life is no tragedy

Now it’s time to go home and tell ma you’re sorry

Chin up, be strong, this ain’t the end of the story

Cuz I believe, even you, can go from heartbreak to glory