Kid scribblins. July ’09

by withchangecomesgrowth

When I read famous quotes I feel very inspired. It makes me want to be better, smarter, kinder, and more centered. It gives me a sense of well being; knowing that what I have to say can really make a difference. We all have our own insights, and I feel like if they aren’t worded they will be forgotten and lost. I think that flashes of genius are just our opinions, feelings, and thoughts put in such a way that they reach into the soul and pull at our emotions urging us to be better. I used to feel like I would never be smarter than the intelligence level I was “stuck with” I was horribly mistaken. When I discovered my how much potential I have I was uncomfortable at first. I’ve gotten tired of “dumbing it down” so I didn’t look like a freak, or a social misfit. I didn’t want to be judged or treated differently. I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of doing the same exact things I feared would happen to me. I used to think that people who were brighter than me were stuck up, or nerdy. I was wrong. I was just intimidated by them, it made me feel bad about myself because I didn’t work as hard mentally. I got lazy because the media tells us it’s ok to act stupid, I saw so many girls acting like airheads because they were trying to be cute. That was when I decided I didn’t want to be anything like that. I want to challenge all my friends to push yourselves harder, and try to be better.

Do I think any of my quotes will ever be famous? Only God knows the answer to that.

To fear your own intelligence is ignorance. -Faith Elizabeth Arellano