Moths and the Workings of Life.

by withchangecomesgrowth

I once heard a story of how moths came to be and I loved the idea. I can’t remember the details, so this is my version.

     The world was sad, the clouds were out, and the sky was dark and dreary. After a cold rain nobody was in the mood to be smiling. The moths hated to see the people of the earth so upset, and they wanted to help. At the time, moths were the most beautiful creatures that ever lived; they were full of color and vibrance. So they banded together and decided to share some of their color with the world. They wanted it to be something worth remembering so after a long discussion they settled on the idea of making a huge sign in the sky that screamed “Don’t worry, Jesus loves you.” Only they agreed they could manage to get the message across without using any real words. So they all got together and went to the kingdom of the butterflies. They said that if all the butterflies helped them in sharing their colors then everyone would be able to keep some of their own color and still make the beautiful sign. Alas, the butterflies were so vain that they refused to share any of their colors. This left the moths on their own. So they thanked the butterflies for their time, said their goodbyes, then headed off into the sky to complete their mission. They found the thickest patch of clouds and decided to use that as their canvas. They all got into their places as planned and began to beat their wings. For hours they exhausted themselves in the dark sky. Then when the third hour came to be,  the last particle of color-dust had been shaken off and left in the sky. To the moth’s amazement there was a glorious arch in the sky. The clouds began to drift away and the painting was illuminated by the sunlight that peeked from behind the clouds.

     Today, the moth remains without color to be a living reminder of the kindness, and humility it took to give up their most prized possession to make the world a better place.