Our. God. Loves.

by withchangecomesgrowth

   The other day I was at Barton Springs pool and I was standing by the fence that that separates the pool area and “Cheapside.” I was just watching people play with their dogs and enjoying the sun. I saw a man who was with his two dogs. He was trying to drag them up the trail, but one of them pulled out of his collar and dashed off into the water. The man yelled and went after him, with the other dog in tow. He realized he was going to have to get in the water to catch the first dog, but the one that was still on the leash didn’t want to go near the edge. So he turned his attention to the dog on the leash and released his anger. He started yelling; and the dog began cowering away, this huge dog suddenly became a little ball of fear. Then the unthinkable happened…the man kicked his dog in the face…HARD. I couldn’t believe it, there were so many people around…why didn’t somebody say something?!?!? The man was a good thirty feet from me and I could clearly hear the sound of his shoe hitting the dog’s jawbone. I was angry that there was a fence between us…why didn’t any of these people step in? I rattled the fence in anger and shook my head. I’ve never felt so helpless.

     Throughout the day, I tried to forget the horrible scene, but I couldn’t stop replaying it in my head. The jarring sound of the hollow crack as the man’s shoe made contact with the dog’s face. The look in the dog’s eyes. The feeling of helplessness. I hated it. Later that night I was laying in my bed asking God why things like that happen. Then it dawned on me…

     I think He feels the same way about us sometimes. He gave us free will, and when we turn our backs on Him we deprive Him of the opportunity to help us. He will never force us to do anything.

     There are times when He sees His children crying and saying “God, why won’t You HELP ME?!?!?!” and He responds “Turn around.”

The dog represents a hurting soul, the owner represents the devil. He robs us of our joy, and snatches our hope.

 John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy….” So do we sit on the ground feeling sorry for ourselves? No. We turn from our sinful ways and fall into the arms of our King.

    There are so many people who are hurting, because they have their backs to God. They believe the lies of the devil: “You’re not good enough, you’ll never amount to anything, you’ll lose your freedom, you’ll be punished for all your sins, you won’t be happy, how could He forgive a peron like you?” We all fall prey to these lies at one time or another. We know where to turn when we’ve fallen from the path and gone astray….but what about people who don’t know God’s love? Who is going to tell them about the God who can save us? Who will show them the truth of Isaiah 1:18? We have a merciful and loving God. He says “Come now, let us reason together…..” That alone tells us how wrong the devil is.

Our. God. Loves.

Can we show them?