Psalm 23:3

by withchangecomesgrowth

Let’s take a look at Psalm 23:3 – “He restores my soul. He guides me in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake.” Why do we let this verse blend in so easily? It can stand on its own. See, it’s saying that the Lord healed us of our transgressions out of love and mercy, but He leads us in order to bring honor and glory to His name. He uses us as walking, breathing examples of His changing power. When we walk uprightly we are bringing this verse to life…we are bringing glory to His name. He chose to heal us out of love. Once we gave our lives to Him, He chose to help us…not to make our lives easier, (in fact, walking righteously is often the more difficult road) but to magnify His accomplishment.

Often times, people only read the scriptures in their time of need, thus getting tangled up in their own situations, problems, etc…I believe that it’s a good practice to seek God in your time of need, but if you only look for Him when you’re hurting then you’re just looking for a Band-Aid. I know that the bible is full of comfort, and it has helped me through many struggles, but it shouldn’t be limited to a handbook that only gets pulled out when needed. The bible is a romance, an adventure, a mystery, a manual, a thriller, etc. The bible is the most enticing novel on the face of the earth, yet we insist on filing it away as history. If we keep it tucked away and only pull it out to meet our own selfish needs; then we’re missing some of the most important parts. Reading for fulfillment takes away from the beauty of the message. Take some time out to have a bible study…..and do just that- STUDY the bible.


“When one finds himself falling in love, he is captured by the beauty of the object of his affection. He studies every facet and learns this person, purely for the sake of understanding what makes her so beautiful.” -Faith Elizabeth Arellano

Let’s try this ^ and see how it goes. Study God…you’ll be mesmerized.