Purity March ’10

by withchangecomesgrowth

Many of my peers are trying to stay “pure” for their future spouses, but are we really? I used to think that staying “pure” simply meant abstaining from sex until marriage, but I’ve come to see that it’s so much more than just the physical realm. I guess I just didn’t get that “saving myself” for marriage for my future husband meant becoming a woman that was worthy of love. Becoming a woman that would stand out from the crowd because of her natural, God given, beauty and grace. That means protecting my mind and heart, as well as my body. That means honoring my future husband even before I meet him. The man that I marry will be patient and kind. He will forgive me for all my mistakes, but I must remember that he only deserves my best, and I owe that to him. I don’t want to see the hurt in his eyes when he learns that his “special” girl has already been tampered with. Nobody wants the “broken doll”. My eyes have been opened and I can see that it’s my job to guard my temple, and become the wholesome and anointed woman I was created to be. I will be beautiful and clean in my husband’s eyes. I want him to see a clear reflection of my heavenly Prince in my actions, and words. As humans we were created with natural, sexual, (and emotional) desires, and as Christians we are called to Harness Not smother those desires. To keep our minds and hearts pure and whole so we can later offer ourselves to our spouses entirely .

My old dream: To find a man who would “love” me, in spite of my flaws. A man who wouldn’t hurt me. To marry this man, and love him with all my heart. To have sex with him and know it was “ok”.

My new desire: To be found by the man that God created with me in mind. To be cherished and adored by this man. To know he would Never even Consider leaving me. To be enchanted by this man, because he was created by God to meet my physical and emotional needs. To thrill and amaze this man because I was specially designed to meet his physical and emotional needs. To know that God created us BOTH to meet each others Unique and Personal desires. To engage in holy, untainted, sex on our wedding night. To hold him in my arms and know that I will Never have to share this beautiful man with another woman. To be thankful, more and more everyday, that God was willing to share this amazing man with me. to create an intimacy with this man that cannot be torn or stained, because it’s a gift that our majestic King gave to us! To continue to grow in God with this man by my side.