Sarcasm, Sarcasmus, Sarkasmos, Sarkazo, Sarcazein…

by withchangecomesgrowth

In a world where sarcastic humor is applauded, let’s take a look at what we are truly relishing. Is this humor worth it? See, even “good people” tend to take pleasure at another’s expense…’s all in good fun right? WRONG.

The word “Sarcasm” is pulled from the Latin word Sarcasmus, which is drawn from the Greek term Sarkasmos, which comes from the Greek word Sarkazo (sister to Sarcazein)- Literally meaning to “tear the flesh.”

Sarcasm- A cutting remark intended to wound.

Sarcasmus/Sarcasmos- Both meaning to bite the lips, or speak with rage/bitterness.

Sarkazo (or Sarcazein) – To tear the flesh.

So guys the truth is- You can change the word, but in the end what are you really conveying with your clever little remarks? Just think on it…