Screwdrivers and Cupcakes – When God Speaks.

by withchangecomesgrowth

Pastors Tommy and Rachel Burchfield are the founders of Burchfield Ministries. They have two sons and one daughter (All are pastors now) Their daughter is named Abby, and she is currently attending Harvard University (she’s 24). Her goal at this point in life is to use her time at Harvard as an opportunity to witness to people and spread the gospel. So one day she was at a baseball game and God nudged her and said “Go pray for her” and turned her attention towards a young woman in the bleachers about ten rows below her. The place was crowded and Abby didn’t feel like pushing through all those people just to embarrass herself in front of a complete stranger. So before she got up she asked “what for, God? Can you at least give me an idea?” Then she proceeded to look and see if the girl had an injury or any other obvious ailments. Nothing.

So in boldness, Abby got up and pushed her way through the mass of people. Finally she reached the girl and asked if she could pray for her. The girl responded with.

“why?” and Abby replied“Because God told me to.” The girl shrugged and said that she didn’t believe in God, but that Abby could try anyway. So Abby, consulted God again, saying: “God, what do I say? How am I supposed to do this? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to pray for.”

Then she asked God to take over and “do His thing.”  So she asked Him to send His spirit upon her and allow the Holy Spirit to speak right through her. She put her hands on the girl, and started speaking n tongues, then the words began…random and wacky sentences began to pour from her lips. She spoke about cupcakes, and screwdrivers. Abby got nervous and mentally, asked God what He was doing. She didn’t think He would do something so bizarre but she trusted Him and let the words keep coming. (at this point she’s no longer coming up with the words on her own. This is COMPLETELY GOD.) After a few minutes into the prayer the girl breaks down sobbing. Abby knelt in front of her and asked her what was wrong (she knew God was doing something) and she probed a little more by asking “what was going on” in a gentle way. The girl began her story.

She was raised as a Christian and all her childhood was taught about Jesus. I’m not going to go into details but some pretty bad things happened to her growing up. She felt let down by God and the church as a whole. The girl turned her back on God saying “If you were real, you wouldn’t have let those things happen to me.” So she decided to “prove” that God wasn’t real. She made up 6 of the strangest sentences (about cupcakes, screwdrivers, and other random things) She then said that the only way God could prove Himself as “real” was if a preacher said ALL of those sentences to her. She thought her plan was foolproof, because what kind of preacher would say such stupid things in front of so many people? They’d all think it was crazy talk. Abby was obedient to God and He used her to change this womans life.

Abby is a preacher. Abby said those words.Every Single One Of Them.

This is a true story and I have personally met Abby. She is amazing. She is real. She is just one of the God’s chosen people. People like her are few and far between, but they’re out there. Trust me, they’re out there…