The Gift of a Woman. (Spring 2009)

by withchangecomesgrowth

The gift of a woman

By Michael Dewey, and Lily Anderson

A woman holds a special treasure; some even call it a gift. It’s almost like a talent, and a true woman has spent years sharpening her ability. A true woman can be strong without being hard, and she can be gentle without being weak. She knows when to speak, and when to stay silent. A true woman exercises discretion in every situation. A woman has the ability to be graceful, yet strong, and elegant, yet resourceful. A woman knows the key to keeping her femininity in a world where its value has been trampled and torn. A man has natural, God given, needs that only a woman can fulfill.

She understands when you’ve had a long day and simply want to rest. She wants to make you happy, and comfortable in any way she can. She can sooth your nerves with a single touch, and melt your pain with a single kiss. She can understand when you just want to be alone, but she will always be there to listen when you need her. She will always love you, even when you don’t think you deserve it. She will respect your decisions, and wishes, even if she thinks you’re making a BIG mistake. She will stand by you, and always support you, no matter what people tell her. She’s your best friend, and you know you can trust her with even your most vulnerable desires, and secrets. You will never have to question her loyalty, honesty, or sincerity, because you’ll know that God gave you a woman who would never turn her back on you.

Your friend, Michael Dewey

Men, as Michael says above, a woman longs to fulfill your deepest desires. She yearns to see you happy; a woman is born with the natural desire to love, and nurture. You know that feeling you get when a woman lays her head on your shoulder? Or falls to sleep on your chest? It makes you feel like a real man. It makes you feel like a mighty hero, and protector. You feel on top of the world, right? Well, in our eyes, the feeling is similar, it’s a feeling that we can always remember. It makes us feel safe and protected. A woman desires security more than anything else in the world. We want you to be our strong protector. We want you to be the hero you were called to be. We will do everything in our power to please you in every way we can, but here’s the catch: we actually do want something in return.

The desires of a woman

She wants you to hold her hand when she’s afraid, and wrap your arms around her when she’s in pain. She wants you to be gentle and caring. She wants you to be patient with her, even when she’s having an emotional breakdown. When her world is upside down, and she feels like she’s lost her direction, it’s your job to take hold of her hand and guide her to make the right choices. Men are natural born leaders, and it is their job to protect, teach, guide, and nurture the women in their lives. We will agree to be supportive wives, in hopes that you’ll be the men of God that you are called to be.

Sincerely, Lily Anderson.


Lily and Michael <– My pen names for when I want to say something important and need people to take me seriously and not look down on me for my age.