The Healed April ’10

by withchangecomesgrowth

I see your pain and I cry for you; I cry with you. I feel your hurt, and I hold you close. Place your hand in mine, and I will take your burden and carry it on my shoulders. Your heart reflects pain and anguish, sorrow, and grief; let it be no more. Spirits that have tied themselves to you, no longer bear a hold on you, for you have been released. Trauma that you have experienced, no longer lingers in your heart. I am your sister let us come together in His name, and nothing can hold us back. Healing floods your body, and cleanses your soul. Let Him hold you just as I have, for there is nothing on this earth more fulfilling than being close to your Creator. Let Him envelope you in His presence, and shower you with His love. Let the tears fall, and let His mercy overwhelm you. Let yourself cry out to Him, for in doing so, you release the pressure of pain and suffering. Let the heat consume you. Allow him to take away all, that is not of Him. Let go of your former identity, for you are no longer labeled inadequate, unworthy, less than, dirty, never enough, or the reject. That isn’t you, don’t hold that name tag for you have been given a new identity. You are no longer a number or a failing soul. You are a healer, an encourager, a conqueror, and your name has been printed on the gates of heaven. Allow yourself to dance in his presence, and lift your voice to Him, let it be like sweet honey on your lips. Your voice speaking, whispering, crying, and singing His name is music to His ears.