The Wounded April ’10

by withchangecomesgrowth

The wounded child is innocent. The wounded child makes your heart cry out for his pain. The wounded child only wants a friend…a glimmer of hope…someone to care. The wounded child has been taken advantage of, and he needs a light. Sadly most wounded children are forgotten, and left to drown in their own pain. A wounded child is


and Lost

They are harmless and weak, but when a wounded child goes unnoticed…….He begins to scorn, not only his offender, but the whole world. The wounded child becomes a bitter man with hate growing in his heart, and rooting in his soul. He lets it build and twist until it rules his being. He becomes an angry spirit that only has a thirst for revenge. He wants to show others the pain he went through as a child.

Sometimes these children become deranged serial killers; some become sick, demented, rapist. Some grow up and they abuse children both violently and sexually, leaving behind paths of destruction, and pain.

This is where you and I come into play. We walk amongst these broken souls.
When they are young all they want is someone to care….someone to listen. Many of these children suffer from severe psychological issues. Surprisingly, these problems can be fixed WITHOUT a shrink; most can be healed with a healthy dose of love and kindness. We see them every day, and label them “the emo kid” or “the snobby girl” often times these people reject the world, because they feel that the world has rejected them. So why? Why do we stand by and watch this happen, knowing, that this the breed that will bring our nation to its knees? How can we stand the sight of a broken child walking alone? We know that they need a hand, yet we refuse to lend our own, in fear that it might get dirty.

I’m lending my hand because, honestly, I don’t mind a little dirt n tears, every now and then. The struggles make us stronger, and those of us who are strong can bear to help someone else when we have the chance. It’s time that the broken kid got a friend… why don’t you go say hi? He might be a little weird, but you never know what he’s seen, or been through. Show the wounded people in this world the beauty of our merciful King.




now, you are Love…show them…