This Mystery We Call the Heart

by withchangecomesgrowth

This Mystery We Call the Heart

(An expressive essay)

This world is a blur. We’re constantly faced with an array of emotions. Every day- a multitude of gasps, sighs, and sweet giggles. We spend our lives marching that proverbial track. Round and round we go, never really getting anywhere. Our desire to find something that “completes us” drives us to extremes. We find ourselves making online dating profiles, or working our tails off for that raise. We’ll do anything to feel like we have a purpose. Observe these two examples to see what I mean:

The life of a humming bird – A whirr of excitement, and adventure.  A humming bird lives in the moment, stays for a breath, and then moves to the next sweet thing in life. This reminds me of a teenager…they do what feels good at the moment. They’re always looking for something else…something better. In the end, those sweet moments are seemingly meaningless in the bigger scheme of things. They taste good, and quench that thirst, but only for a time, then they perish, leaving only memories. A flower is like a party – it looks good and  it tastes sweet, but it can be deceiving.  After the glitter has fallen and the bottles are empty, you’re left alone. You are thirsty once again, and the illusion of fulfillment fades. The nectar – the beer, the sex, the drugs…these are all temporary and simply numb the feeling of emptiness. They put on a show of color and brilliance, and onlookers envy them; but when the fantasy dies they’re alone again. The only difference between a teenager and a humming bird is that a humming bird has no say in the matter. A fast paced life is all he will ever know. It’s part of his DNA. A teenager, on the other hand, has the option of escaping the cycle. A teenager can grow into a man and find true fulfillment. A teenager has hope for a brighter future.

In contrast to the humming bird’s heart, is the heart of a blue whale – vast and powerful, so bold, yet still a mystery. The whale is much like a business man. Everyone sees him on billboards and in magazines, yet nobody really knows him. He is the biggest and the strongest in the ocean, but he walks alone. He lives his life in the shadows – a painfully reclusive creature. People only see what he allows them to see, but no more.  His smile lights up the room and his success elevates him, but his nights are filled with longing moans of loneliness and sorrow. Although he is the biggest fish in the sea, he wants nothing of it. The cameras hunt him down, but he turns his face away. This life isn’t what he dreamed of.  It seems like he has no outlet from this lonely fate.  His only hope at happiness is finding a mate who truly loves him and will follow him to the ends of the earth. She is the only one who will unlock his heart.  Her love and devotion bind them together. These wandering souls find joy in each other’s presence and the demands of the world are swept away in the current, leaving the two in peaceful bliss.

No matter how different we are, we’re all the same in the end – broken, tender and searching. We all get hurt looking for something. For some, it is love. For others it is purpose, while many simply want joy.  You can run from the world (like the humming bird) or you can build walls and hide from the world (like the blue whale) but everyone wants to be loved, and every wall will come crashing down at the pure love of another.