Life is Beautiful

by withchangecomesgrowth

I like to quote the powerful things that I encounter. Whether it’s song lyrics, a Bible verse, strong wording from a good book, or spoken words that just really resonate within me – I find myself parroting the things I hear.
Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop borrowing thoughts and take the time to form my own. It’s easy to nod in agreement with someone else, but it requires actual effort to come up with my own ideas about who I know God is.
Here’s how I force myself to do that: I come across small nuggets of truth, and I run with them. There’s an input, I interpret it, I process it, I build on it, I create with it, I polish it, then I put it back out. This personalizes God, and brings Him out of the “God dimension” and into my life. My mind has a way of finding a spiritual aspect in even the most commonplace situations (which might be a result of my mother teaching me to always look at all the little things God does for us everyday.) When you start paying attention to all He does for you, your life gets really beautiful really fast.


So now that I’ve told you how I connect with God on a real level, its your turn to tell me. How do you connect with God in your day-to-day life?