From Where I Stand

by withchangecomesgrowth

With all these messages flying around about what love is, I feel the need to clarify something.

Girls, just because a guy does the decent thing and helps you out when you’re hurt doesn’t mean he’s your soul mate.
Learn to really love the men who are already in your life, before you dive into a romantic relationship.
If a guy refuses to catch your tears, don’t label him a jerk…he might just be protecting your heart.
Obsession and infatuation do NOT constitute true love.
There’s nothing romantic about loving someone and hating them at the same time.
A photo of teenagers kissing with a cute caption is not love.
Your relationship does not need to be melodramatic to matter. 
Guys shouldn’t be expected to always act like the guys in the movies…because girls shouldn’t treat them like that to begin with.
Guys weren’t created to save you from your miserable little pit of self loathing – Learn to love yourself before you bring someone else’s heart into the mix.
There is nothing beautiful about emphasizing how alone you feel.
Don’t fake yourself into thinking you need a boyfriend to make you feel beautiful.
Don’t strive to be broken and hurt just because it looks romantic on the big screen.
Before you go rushing into a relationship, ask your brothers, dad, uncles, and cousins if they think you’re ready – those are the guys who already know your heart.
Be healthy.
Don’t expect your boyfriend to take on your father’s responsibilities.
Be gentle with your words – Being hurt does not constitute lashing out.
Remember that guys have feelings too.
It’s important to understand that guys usually show their hurt through anger.
Don’t try to be his mother.
Don’t disrespect him.
Remember, your inside jokes are much cuter to your friends than they are to his.
Enjoy food.
Don’t make him constantly validate you – some days you’re just going to feel ugly…learn to be okay with it. If he really wasn’t attracted to you, he wouldn’t be dating you.
Roll with the changes.
Posting mysterious status updates doesn’t make you more attractive…it just makes you confusing and slightly annoying.
Blow his mind with your…character.
Learn to be so happy with yourself when you’re single  that when a good guy comes along you have to really think about if you want to share your awesome life with him.