by withchangecomesgrowth

Today I was driving home in the rain, on a curvy two-lane road, and I could barely see ten feet in front of my car. I was caught by the downpour because it came on so suddenly. My vehicle lost traction and, for a fraction of a second, began to slide. Before I could respond to what was happening, the wheel twitched slightly and traction was regained. It was not a safety feature on my car. I hadn’t turned on assistive traction and it isn’t a newer vehicle with auto response systems. Additionally, the wheel should have jerked to the side or straightened out (because it happened on a curve) and caused me to further hydroplane. That didn’t happen. By the time I realized what had happened, the car had already regained traction and was moving fine again.

I know my hands weren’t the only set of hands on the wheel today.