Tales of a Modern Woman

by withchangecomesgrowth

I glance over my shoulder to see your silhouette swaying down the sidewalk. The back of my neck prickles, but I smile a little – you are very handsome. Your gait has a slight dip; I can see you’ve been drinking. My pitbull stands close to my side as you walk up. You greet me with your usual suave style – assertive and slightly dangerous, with a smooth latino tone…and a wry smile. You don’t scare me, but I never feel safe around you. We exchange small talk. You ask where I’m going – home, dear, the same place I always go after getting the mail. You ask if I have a boyfriend – no, I don’t. You’ve been asking me that question for the past six years. We’re in front of my house now and I’m ready to go inside. You ask for a hug. I politely decline. You ask why and point out that we’ve been “friends” since I was eleven. I gently explain that seeing each other in passing doesn’t exactly constitute friendship. I can smell the alcohol on your breath. A gust of wind chills us both – You shiver in the cold and I clutch my jacket tighter. I agree to give you a half hug and you smile, “That’s better than nothing.”
My momma says you’re wife hunting – looking for a decent woman to treat you right and raise that baby of yours. If that’s true you’re gonna have to look elsewhere – I’m not that woman.
I’m so glad we only run into each other every few months. I don’t like the way your velvet voice is so enticing – like a familiar voice from the past trying to lure me away from my destiny. Women have faced this since the beginning of time – I am just one of the thousands.

Tales of a modern woman…