My Own Domain

by withchangecomesgrowth

Today I was pondering what it means to live life to the fullest; then it hit me – People spend a lot of time talking about how to be happy, but they still end up complaining and dragging through life. So many people ride life’s ups and downs like ocean waves – as if they cannot control their mood on a crummy day. We act like our moods are a direct effect of the things we encounter each day. Here’s a thought, what if we let more things roll off our shoulders? There’s tons of quotes about how we can’t control our environment, but how we can control how we respond to things. I hear it often coming from people’s mouths, but I rarely see it in their lives. In fact, some of the most feeble and whiney people I know have super flamboyant mottos about life and happiness.
Here’s another thought, what if we actually took control of our thought lives? It would change the world if people began to recognize themselves as the rulers of their own minds and not just helpless drones, subject to whatever thoughts come fluttering in.
Wouldn’t it be incredible if people took responsibility for their own thoughts and feelings? What a world that would be…
It’s ok to have feelings, and it’s okay to cry – but maybe our society would have a higher emotional intelligence if we took charge of our thoughts. 

I cry – sometimes I break down and just bawl about whatever concern has been at the forefront of my mind – BUT I do not dwell on it. I take my few minutes to process my emotions, then I keep moving. I don’t walk in the shadow of fear or a broken heart.

I’ve noticed that I laugh to the point of tears almost everyday…I’d say I’m living a pretty full life. I also manage what/who I allow myself to think about. I’d say I’m the ruler of my own mind…

What about you?