Grace Above Shame

by withchangecomesgrowth

An abrupt writing on dealing with guilt.

Human nature tells us to hide from God when we sin – this is driven by shame. Do you know what though? There’s a better way to handle your shame. Lay it at His feet. Don’t wait a day, an hour, or even five minutes. The moment you get that twist in your stomach that says, “that was wrong” bring it to God. Even if it’s a repeated offense, don’t buy into the devil’s lie that God gets tired of forgiving you. That lie is created to drive wedge between you and God.
Yes, we are fallen creatures. Yes, we are unworthy to approach the throne with garments still dripping in sin…but we are also unworthy of unconditional love – yet it is given. We are unworthy of the death of an innocent man – yet it was given. God has never given up on you, not ONCE. Don’t give up on Him. Don’t turn your face away and pull out of His arms. In your times of deepest regret and guilt, draw near to Him. When you reach your most wretched point, cleave to your maker. He knows you inside and out, He knows your weaknesses, He knows your mistakes and He knows your fears…and He LOVES YOU. God knows that we are frail creatures. Remember, in our weakness, HE IS STRONG.
This is so simple, yet so easy to forget.
Much love, everybody!
-Faith Arellano