by withchangecomesgrowth

I consider myself a born-again Christian for two primary reasons.

I mean, there’s plenty of reasons to follow the Lord, but it strips down to only two. At the end of the day, when my resolve is weak, when the lusts are more appealing than the blessings, when the ugly bubbles to the surface of my soul, when my anger speaks, when my selfishness takes the spot light, when my slimy, perverse sinful nature writhes hungrily…there are only two things that keep me anchored – Only two truths keep me from fleeing into the darkness after lies that sparkle.

1. The one true God is supreme. YHWH is the ONE AND ONLY powerful, omnipotent, holy, SOVEREIGN, Lord of ALL. The earth trembles when He speaks. His glory shines in all the earth. He is good and perfect. There is none like Him. He is the inspiration of true creativity and beauty. He is protector. He is gentle. He is kind. He is faithful. He is magnificent.

2. I am filthy. He is the only one with enough power and authority to change my inner being. He could make me bearable. He could make “good enough” that I might tolerate myself. He could make me ok…but, no, He would never do that. He would never do less than extraordinary. He gives me strength, beauty, grace, talent, patience, love, tenderness, self worth, DESIRE, joy, passion, wonder, peace and an ache in my heart that can only be soothed by His presence – a craving for His company. He makes my wild heart gentle.

Two reasons – that’s all it takes to crazy flip someone’s entire world.