Blessed to Serve

by withchangecomesgrowth

Yesterday I had the opportunity to serve a young mother in the hospital. She has two children in neuro who seem to have the same disorder. The little girl is about five and the son is a toddler. They both seem to lack muscle coordination and their crazy little eyes go in all different directions. They are the sweetest children who smile at the simplest things. I’ve noticed the mother has to constantly hold the little boy because he needs comfort. Otherwise he aimlessly flails around on the bed. This poor mother is stretched thin between her two kids. I informed the nurse that I would be more than happy to help out and hold the little one so the mom could give her arms a break. As soon as the nurse translated my offer, the mother gratefully handed the toddler to me. Minutes later he was asleep on my chest and mom was able to spend some quality time with her daughter.

This occurred again today, only this time I moved to other rooms and engaged with the kids that were demanding my attention. The kids and teenagers smiled at him and made him laugh. It was neat how this little boy was so content to simply be held. I got to help out and give the mom a break. It’s really cool how the mothers are beginning to trust me more. They smile when they see me come in. They like to pitch in when they see me catering to older children with more severe problems. I’m seeing a chain reaction of people helping people. It’s like we’re growing into a big family. There are plenty of healthy kids who are just there with their siblings. Everyone is treated with the same respect. I love seeing them interact and share and help each other.

This is truly what it’s all about, yall…