Safest Place

by withchangecomesgrowth

You don’t want a baby, but you refuse to abstain
Because you want a life free of pain
You would rob his freedom and bring pain
You see him as an inconvenience, He sees you as his safest place
He dreams of seeing your face
He loves your voice, and he smiles when you laugh
He can feel when you breathe
And if you would brave to look at the screen
If only for a moment
You might fall in love with his little hands and feet
and it’s so plain to see
Why abortionists hate sonography
There’s solid truths that the terminology can’t change
They use words like “fetus”and “terminate”
But it’s a baby and they’re taking his life away
And I can’t swallow the irony of the statements they make
About a woman’s right to choose
Selling convenience for the price of blood
I’m a feminist in the truest sense. I believe in the right to choose
Choose where you work, who you marry or if you marry at all
But somewhere along the line, a line must be drawn
Because your right to choose should never supersede his right to life
And abortionists are in the business of selling a lie
We might as well call it what it is – they make their living from human sacrifice
Think about it
When “fetus” is actually Latin for offspring or little one
They might as well admit to killing your dearly beloved
Your own flesh and blood
And as you walk into the slaughterhouse, the walls are littered with photos of babies sucking on plastic bottles, silicone tits
Cause our society discourages real milk, seeing breasts as nothing more than sex objects.
And as the moments blur past
A nurse assures you that the “burden” will be lifted at last
You wake up to hear, “the procedure was successful.”
And you let out a sigh of relief
Only to hear the woman down the hall begin to weep
because she lost her child
The one she so desperately fought to keep
But in the end, her body was just too weak
It’s amazing to me – the rhetoric behind the blatent theory that it’s only a baby if you want it to be
And how can they bring forth life into a building where they do such barbaric things?
Congratulations on your successful delivery, the woman in the room below you just paid to get her child ripped out piece by piece
I’m sorry, if that’s a little graphic for you
Well sometimes they use an injection or a vacuum tube
As if that’s somehow more humane
No matter how you spin it,
a baby is getting maimed
All in the name of healthcare
I call bullshit
This is warfare
And we are an army confused
Seeing the victim as the villain
Just for having a heartbeat
For costing us precious time and money
For having needs
And our society sees
the predator as a friend because he’s clothed as a sheep
But if we would just look underneath
His immaculate white coat we might see
The talons that are tucked up in his sleeves
Ready to rip away the next generation
Of geniuses, entrepreneurs,
Business men and world changers
but see, it’s not about the pregnancy or whether or not you’re ready
Because no good thing comes easily
Our nation has become so lazy
We don’t want to sew but we want to reap
The benefits of brilliant minds
That will never see
The light of day
Or marvel at the stars
Or feel breeze on their face
Because someone took their choice away
As another child is ripped from his safest place…